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Welcome to Ezypay Hong Kong

Ezypay is now bringing the best of direct debit payment solutions to Hong Kong. With nearly twenty years of experience in the industry and nationwide recognition across Australia, one of the most widely acknowledged direct debit providers in the world is now expanding across Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines and New Zealand.

“We are able to control the amounts that we debit,

control the frequency that we debit and for our members, it’s really about the convenience of use.”

The Forum – Newcastle University of Sport

Roxana Olivares, Director Programs


Online Payment is Easy

Ezypay provides customisable online payment solutions that are a win-win for your business and customers. Our self-managed direct debit payment gateway is user friendly and intuitive, allowing for easy sign up of prospects and payment collection details. Ensure 100% data protection with Ezypay’s PCI-compliant vault and full encryption of all information. With Ezypay, online payment is safe, simple and super easy to setup.

Recurring Payment is Automatic

Save energy, time and resources by automating monthly recurring payments with Ezypay. Our core speciality includes the ability to seamlessly integrate payment details and banking facilities to help businesses regulate cash flow and revenue without the hassle of managing, tracking and monitoring customers’ bills every month. This Ezypay feature is recommended for regular payments such as membership fees and subscription payment as business owners only have to setup the payment schedule once per customer.


Why use direct debit?

Leverage on direct debit for better control of your business cash flow and income. Direct debit options encourage repeat transactions and help to grow your customer base. In return, this payment method boosts sales and inspires customer retention as well. Ezypay’s payment gateway system is unique as our secure and reliable payment gateway system is also equipped with a team that is eager to answer all inquiries or solve issues you may have because when you succeed, we succeed.